Jordan Burroughs praises Iranian wrestlers

May 3, 2016

Three-time world champion and Olympic gold medallist Jordan Burroughs said that the Iranian wrestlers are highly disciplined and it’s difficult to defeat them.

“Iranian wrestlers are well-formed and I believe that they are among the best in the world. They wrestle in a similar way because they train together but I and Tony Ramos are different because we train in our city,” he said.
“I’ve never defeated Team Iran with my country since the Iranian wrestlers are highly disciplined and well-prepared. Iranian are wrestlers to beat since they believe that they deserve to win,” Burroughs added.
“I know I am a talented wrestler but I also work hard. Furthermore, I have good coaches in the U.S. and they help me to achieve my goal,” the 74kg wrestler stated. 
“I will bid farewell to wrestling after the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. However, I really don’t know what happen until the Olympics. Nobody knows what will happen next year. You will likely suffer an injury, nobody knows,” Burroughs concluded. 



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