Hezbollah’s 33-day national defense was a modern miracle: Rafsanjani

July 15, 2007 - 0:0

TEHRAN - Hezbollah’s 33-day successful defense against the Israeli military’s attack was a “miracle” in contemporary world history, Expediency Council Chairman Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said here on Thursday.

No one could imagine such a great victory “in which the so-called invincible Israeli army failed in a conflict with just a Muslim group and not even a country,” Rafsanjani said in a meeting with a group of Lebanese Sunni and Shia clerics on the anniversary of the outbreak of the 33-day Israel-Lebanon war, which took place from July 12 to August 13, 2006. Of course, the enemy is trying to divert attention from this miraculous historical achievement by the movement, he stated. They fomented discord, which led to the recent clashes in Palestine and Lebanon, because both are active jihad fronts confronting the enemy, he added. By proactively enlightening public opinion, Muslim scholars can prevent the enemies of Islam from succeeding in their attempts to sow discord, Rafsanjani noted. It is the duty of all those in positions of responsibility, especially the ulema, to defend the rights of Muslims, who form one fourth of the world’s population, he said. “The Islamic ummah should unite to defend the Muslims’ rights,” he added. The Shia-Sunni disagreements and ethnic, racial, tribal, and border disputes are the major obstacles preventing comprehensive cooperation and unity in the Islamic world, the EC chairman pointed out. The intense Western influence and the lingering effects of colonialism in Islamic countries are two more serious factors undermining efforts to foster unity among Islamic countries, especially those in the Middle East, he added. Israel is the multipurpose base of colonialism and is a great hindrance to efforts to establish cooperation and unity in the Islamic world, he said. Many regional and Islamic countries are not officially occupied, but the influence of foreigners and their actions are worse than occupation, Rafsanjani noted. The Palestine issue is one of the Islamic world’s oldest and most chronic problems, and unfortunately the self-destructive infighting among the Palestinians is benefiting the Zionist regime, he stated. RMN/GJ/HG END MN