Play on Shahnameh heroes to go on stage in Italy

June 13, 2012 - 15:0
TEHRAN -- Iranian director Ali Shams will stage a play based on the story of Rustam and Sohrab from Ferdowsi’s masterpiece Shahnameh in Rome and Florence.
“Rustam and Sohrab” tells the heartrending story in which Rustam kills Sohrab without knowing that he is his son.
Entitled “From Khvatay-namak”, the play will go on stage from June 18 to 20 at the Sala Uno Theater in Rome.
Aleandro Fusco and Claudia Ionescu will be the Italian members of the cast and Shams will also act in the play.
Shams plans to use different elements of Iranian performing arts to stage the play.
The play tries to find a common concept of myth in two different cultures. The concept that was formed by cultural exchanges during history between Iran and Italy, Shams told the Persian service of Mehr News Agency.
Shams has written the play and Parisa Nazari translated it into Italian. 
The troupe is also scheduled to perform the play in Florence.
The play’s title refers to one of the main sources of the Shahnameh. 
For the most part, the Shahnameh is the translation of a Pahlavi (Middle Persian) work, the Khvatay-namak, and is a history of the kings of Persia from mythical times down to the reign of Khosrow II (590–628).