Aref says seeks change in parliament as demanded by Iranians

May 13, 2016

TEHRAN – The reformist figure Mohammad Reza Aref vowed to seek change of tack in the upcoming parliament, citing people’s hope for a different parliament, IRNA reported on Friday.

Head of the reformist bloc secured the heaviest share of public backing in the metropolis of Tehran in the February parliamentary elections.
Speaking to the Islamic Association of Teachers of Iran, the former vice president said, “Definitely, I will act in such way to gratify the majority of people’s expectation of a changed parliament, otherwise, posterity will not pass a good judgment on us.”
Aref is seen to be the main rival of the incumbent Parliament speaker Ali Larijani who won a re-election in the religious city of Qom, coming second.
While no political faction won the majority in the February elections, the 30-member “list of hope”, headed by Aref, captured all the 30 seats allocated for the influential Tehran constituency.
Earlier, Aref had called for more harmony between the upcoming parliament and government to address issues as unemployment, inflation, etc.

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