Gender justice means considering differences of both sexes: Basij official

August 2, 2016

TEHRAN – Gender justice means taking into account the differences between men and women and it should be institutionalize in the society, said Minoo Aslani, head of Women’s Basij Organization.

Gender justice implies for realizing natural and social differences between men and women, IRNA quoted Aslani as saying.

Inner capabilities of women should be realized; she noted adding “if the innate identity of women is considered, the real gender justice is implemented.”

Unfortunately, in our society,the concept of gender justice is misunderstood and it is raised as equality of both sexes; while it is a wrong feeling and the word of equality associates for the meaning of similarity of genders.

Muslim scholars and thinker have raised the concept of gender justice that is different from gender equality, she stressed.

The concept of gender equality does not consider the instinctive and innate differences of men and women and it makes effort to raise women with manly habits, Aslani added.

Ggender equality does not consider the roles of men and women and it paves the ground for exchange of roles of men and women, the official noted.

However, the gender justice is an enriched concept which is raised by Muslim Iranian scholars in the arenas of women and family, she specified.

Gender justice provides equal opportunities for men and women, considering their difference in thoughts, roles and innate identity, Aslani noted.

Gender equality is a destructive concept while gender justice is constructive and should be implemented in its real sense in the society, she concluded.


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