Iran’s 4-month non-oil trade stands at $28b

August 14, 2016

TEHRAN- Iran’s non-oil trade during the first four months of current Iranian calendar year (March 20- July 21, 2016) stood at $28 billion, according to the latest report published by Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA).

The country’s non-oil exports totaled $16.308 billion in the said period, rising 21.11 percent compared to similar timespan in the previous year.
Some 41,161 million tons of goods were exported during the period, showing 36.37 percent rise compared to similar period last year.
Main exported items included gas condensate, worth $2.9 billion, and petrochemical products, worth $6.76 billion.
Iran’s main export destinations in the said four months were China ($2.937 billion), the United Arab Emirates ($2.501 billion), Turkey ($2.174 billion), Iraq ($1.923 billion), and South Korea ($1.491 billion).
Some 9,958 million tons of goods worth $12.865 billion were imported recording drop of 12.79 percent and 7.12 percent respectively in terms of weight and value, compared to similar period last year.
As reported, $475 million of rice, $335 million of corn for livestock, $315 million of soybeans and $240 million of soybean meal were among the top items imported in the said timespan. 
Some $2.942 billion of goods were imported from China, $2.104 billion were imported from the United Arab Emirates, $943 million were imported from South Korea, $863 million from Turkey, $812 million from India, and $5.211 billion were imported from other countries.
According to IRICA, in the past Iranian calendar year, which ended on March 19, 2016, the value of the country’s non-oil trade reached over $83 billion.
In the past year, the Tasnim news agency reported, Iran exported $42.415 billion worth of goods while its imports reached $41.499 billion, showing a 16.11 percent decrease in the value of exports and a 22.53 percent decline in the value of imports when compared to its previous year.


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