Joblessness in Iran at 12.2% in spring

October 15, 2016 - 8:9

TEHRAN- Iran's unemployment rate during the spring, which corresponds to the first quarter of the current Iranian calendar year (March 20-June 20), stood at 12.2 percent, according to the latest report from the Statistical Center of Iran (SCI), IRIB news reported.

The announced unemployment figure shows a 1.4 percent increase compared with the corresponding period of last year and a 0.4 percent rise compared with its preceding season, winter.
According to SCI, joblessness rate was higher among women than men and lower in rural areas than urban districts. 
Labor force participation rate, i.e. the proportion of the population ages 10 years and above that is economically active, either employed or jobless, reached 39.5 percent. 
Labor force participation rate in spring was lower among women than men and in urban areas than rural regions. The figure showed a 1.5 percent increase compared to the same period in the preceding year and a 1.8 rise compared to the figure in winter.


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