Firefighters save oil-soaked flamingo in southern Iran

January 23, 2017 - 9:40

TEHRAN — A flamingo which had got stranded in oil recycling facilities of Bandar Abbas Refinery, southern province of Hormozgan, was rescued by firefighters, IRNA reported on Saturday.

Once the workers saw the animal and made sure that it was still alive they soon called firefighters who helped save the bird by taking appropriate measures to help the flamingo recover.

Birds die from oil spills if their feathers are covered in oil. When they try to clean their feathers, they’re poisoned. Animals may die because they get hypothermia, causing their body temperature to be really low. Oil can also enter an animal’s lungs or liver, poisoning it from the inside. Oil also blinds animals when it gets into their eyes, so they can no longer watch out for predators.

Every year by the beginning of the cold season, migratory birds wing their ways towards warm regions to find better food supplies and escape the cold weather.

Many flamingos are spotted in Shour, Shirin and Minab River International Wetland, Hormozgan province. Marshes and swamps are the most important habitats of these flamingos in Hormozgan.


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