Turkish official honors Rumi promoters Nazeri, Saberi, Sobhani

February 7, 2017

TEHRAN – Konya’s Culture and Tourism Director Abdussettar Yarar paid homage to the Rumi-focused Iranian vocalist Shahram Nazeri, Rumi expert Tofiq Sobhani and Pari Saberi, the director of “The Flying Shams”, the vibrant story of Rumi’s first encounter with his mentor Shams, in Tehran on Monday.

The honoring ceremony took place at the pavilion of Turkey set up at the 10th Tehran International Tourism Exhibit underway at the Tehran International Permanent Fairground.

Addressing Nazeri, Yarar said that many in Konya are interested in his voice and his performances. He also invited Saberi to stage her works in Konya. 

Yarar next handed a beautiful shawl blessed with the sweet scent of the Mausoleum of Rumi in Konya to Saberi, while he also handed pieces of old tiles of the Mausoleum of Rumi to Nazeri, Sobhani and Saberi.

“The efforts Turkey has made to honor Rumi here in (the exhibit in) Tehran is a positive act and will help reinforce bilateral ties, making the people of the two countries become more acquainted with Rumi’s thoughts,” Nazeri said.

Saberi also pointed to Nazeri and said that his fine voice has been a good source of inspiration for her to follow Rumi and make “The Flying Shams”.

A copy of Rumi’s original divan recently published in Turkey was next handed to Nazeri.

Nazeri is due to give a joint concert with the Cologne Philharmonic Orchestra in November 2017. 

The 10th Tehran International Tourism Exhibit, which adopted the motto of “See Iran Differently”, will be running through February 9. 

Photo: Konya’s Culture and Tourism Director Abdussettar Yarar (L) presents Iranian vocalist Shahram Nazeri a book during a meeting with some Iranian artists in Tehran on February 6, 2017. Stage director Pari Saberi is also seen in the photo. 


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