Parisian gallery displays works by Vahid Chamani

February 8, 2017 - 18:34

TEHRAN -- Galerie Lazarew in Paris is hanging a collection of paintings by Iranian artist Vahid Chamani in an exhibition titled “Amino Acids”.

“I have chosen the title Amino Acids for my works, since it is the fundamental element of human body cells and all other creatures,” the painter has explained about the title of his exhibit in a statement published on the gallery website.

He continues, “We’re all made from a common core but with different forms. I have followed the same concept, my works have a common core but have different forms and presentations.

“My works focus on Iran’s present cultural situation which is disturbed by deep contrast between tradition and modernism. We have somehow turned away from our traditional culture but at the same time been left behind by modernism,” Chamani says.

Also about the opinions of French visitors in seeing his works, Chamani says, “The French visitors first ask about the techniques in my works, however, their deep interest in concept is interesting for me. Their questions mostly focus on inner layers of the works.”

Born in 1984 in Iran, Vahid Chamani lives and works in Tehran. He has held exhibits in Iran, the U.S., London, Dubai and elsewhere.

The exhibition, which opened on January 28, will be running until February 25.


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