Posters depicting Trump as anti-peace on show at Urmia exhibit 

March 5, 2017

TEHRAN – A group of artists is displaying a collection of posters depicting the anti-peace spirit of U.S. President Donald Trump at an exhibition in the northwestern Iranian city of Urmia.

Twenty-eight posters by 17 artists have been selected for the exhibition entitled “Trumpism” that opened at Urmia Gallery on Saturday.

According to Amir Khatai Khosroshahi, the organizer of the exhibit, the graphic designers have criticized the violent and warmongering character of Trump.

Designer Nassim Kargarnejad says that her poster depicts Trump throwing the stars of the U.S. flag into the dust bin, aiming to show that Trump has degraded the value of the flag and the United States in the world.

Another designer, Amin Akbarnejad, says he has put the spotlight on danger and caution in his poster by depicting Trump riding on the map of his country.

The exhibit will be running until March 10. 

Photo: A poster by Amin Akbarnejad


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