Iranian ranger shares his daily life on Instagram!

May 8, 2017 - 9:31

TEHRAN – Do you like to know more about daily life and concerns of rangers? Here you are! The Iranian ranger Ahmad Bahri introduces his life and career on his page in Instagram, ahmad_bahri_mohitban.

Under the title of ‘Diary of a Ranger”, Bahri, who comes from the city of Qom, registers his life in photos.

In his page, he introduces the wildlife of Qom and shares the scenes he witnesses during his career with others. He also warns about threats to animals and natural habitats in other parts of the world.

Bahri is also the founder of a movement entitled “Nazr-e Tabiat”, literally meaning doing something charitable to help save and protect the environment. The movement was initiated in August 2016 and it aims to collect money to improve wildlife across Iran.

In “Nazr-e Tabiat” people can make their contributions to the environment by either giving away money to construct watering places and buying hays for feeding the animals or by taking care of wounded animals until the recover and can return to the wild once again.


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