Iran win Asian Para Taekwondo Open title

July 1, 2017

Iran finished in first place at the 3rd edition of the Asian Para Taekwondo Open on Saturday.

Iran took part in the one-day competition in Chuncheon, South Korea with seven participants.

Saeid Sadeghian won the gold medal after defeating his Turkish rival 25-2 in the men's K42 up to 61kg final match.

Iran’s reigning world champion Mahdi Pourrahnama snatched the gold medal, beating his Russian opponent 15-8 in the men’s K44 up to 75kg.

Iran’s third gold medal was won by Asghar Azizi in the men’s K44 over 75kg after the Persian defeated his Russian fighter 28-10.

Ahmad Narimani claimed one more gold medal for the Iranian delegation.

He defeated a fighter from Kazakhstan 27-6 in the men's K42 over 75kg.

Sajjad Javanbakht bagged a silver medal in the men’s K44 up to 61kg after losing to Mongolian participant 31-16 in the final match.

Mahmoud Jafarzadeh claimed a bronze medal in the men’s K42 up to 75kg after defeating his Turkish opponent 27-11 in the third-placed match.

Around 90 athletes took part at the competition, including participants from 11 Asian countries.

The Asian Open is the first time this year that all three champions have competed in the same event, ahead of October’s WTF World Para Taekwondo Championships in London, Great Britain.

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