Iran’s Alipour wins gold at Asian Rock Climbing Competition

September 20, 2017

Reza Alipour of Iran claimed a gold medal in the 25th edition of the Asian Rock Climbing Competition on Tuesday.

He defeated QiXinin Zhong from China in the Men’s Speed final with a time of 5.62.

Alipour, nicknamed the 'Persian Cheetah' scaled a 15-metre wall in just 5.62 seconds, finished in first place in the competition held in Tehran’s Mega Pars Complex.

Bronze medal went to Indonesian Aspar Jaelolo.

Sport climbing, also known as lead climbing, requires participants to quickly determine the best route up a course. The competitor to make it the highest in the time allotted is declared the winner.

Alipour defines himself as the Usain Bolt of speed climbing.

The 25th edition of the Asian Rock Climbing Competition kicked off on September 18 and will run through September 21.

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