Iranian FM: We are all IRGC

October 14, 2017 - 21:11

TEHRAN – The Iranian foreign minister has strongly defended the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) in the face of new accusation by U.S. President Donald Trump, saying “Iranian all are IRGC”.

“Today, Iranians--boys, girls, men, women--are ALL IRGC; standing firm with those who defend us & the region against aggression & terror,” Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted.

On Friday, in announcing his new Iran strategy, Trump decertified Iran’s compliance with the international nuclear agreement and leveled many accusations against Iran.

The decertification came despite repeated confirmations by the UN nuclear watchdog that Iran is living up to its commitments under the nuclear accord.

Zarif described Trump's speech against Iran as “inane” and stressed that using threats against the Islamic Republic will prove to be ineffective.

“Allegations, threats and profanity will never intimidate Iranians. Trump will eventually discover this; as every predecessor did,” Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted.


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