Yazd to host air sports tourism event

October 24, 2017 - 9:19

TEHRAN – The rugged landscape of Yazd province in central Iran will play host to a four-day festival of air sports tourism, which will start on October 31.

The province is a budding destination for countrywide aeronautical athletes and associated tourists in autumn due to its mild and favorable weather conditions, a provincial tourism official said on Saturday.

“Yazd province has considerable potential for air tourism and over the past two years it has played host to various events in this arena as well as an air show program,” Mohammadreza Nasiri added.

Two flight sites, namely Sahelnama and Ardeshir, will hold the event under supervision of paragliding pilots.

Yazd is wedged between the northern Dasht-e Kavir and southern Dasht-e Lut on a flat plain ringed by mountains. Its historical structure enjoys a very harmonious public-religious architecture that dates from different eras.

A major destination of international and domestic travelers, the Historical City of Yazd was made a UNESCO World Heritage in June.

PHOTO: A paragliding athlete is about to fly across an oasis landscape in Yazd province, central Iran.


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