Dutch university, Iranian institute team up to honor Sanai expert De Bruijn

November 7, 2017

TEHRAN – Iran’s Book City Institute and Leiden University in the Netherlands have teamed up to honor J.T.P. De Bruijn, a distinguished Dutch expert on the Persian mystic poet Sanai (1087-1131).

The honoring ceremony will take place at the university on Friday, the institute announced in a press release on Tuesday.

A number of Iranian and Dutch Iranologists and Persian literati are scheduled to deliver several lectures during the ceremony.

An assistant professor of Persian studies at Leiden University, the 86-year-old De Bruijn is the author of “Persian Sufi Poetry: An Introduction to the Mystical Use of Classical Persian Poems”.

Sanai was one of the earlier Sufi poets. Rumi acknowledged Sanai and Attar as his two primary inspirations, saying, “Attar is the soul and Sanai its two eyes, I came after Sanai and Attar.” 

Sanai is best known for his long didactic poem that is usually known by its Arabic title, Hadiqat al-Haqiqa wa-Shari’at al-Tariqa (The Garden of Truth and the Law of the Right Path), which contains mystical teachings intermingled with proverbs, fables and anecdotes.

Photo: Tomb of Sanai in Ghazna, Afghanistan 


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