Non-oil trade up 8%, exports hit $28.5b

November 27, 2017 - 19:16

TEHRAN- The value of Iran’s non-oil trade with foreign partners reached $60.907 billion during the first eight months of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21- November 22), up $4.486 billion or 8 percent from the same period last year, IRIB news reported on Monday.

The country’s foreign trade stood at $56.421 billion during the first eight months of last year.

Meanwhile, the trade balance was reported negative with the value of imports exceeding that of exports by $3.931 billion.

As reported, some $32.419 billion worth of non-oil goods were imported to the country during the mentioned time span to register a 17.52 percent rise compared to last year’s 8-month period.

Automobile parts and passenger cars were reported to be the main drivers of the increase in the value of the country’s 8-month imports.

The value of exports stood at $28.488 billion during the said period, falling 1.21 percent from last year’s figure.

Gas condensate, liquefied natural gas (LNG) followed by low-density oils, associated petroleum gas (APG) and hydrocarbon gas liquids and finally liquefied propane were among top exported commodities from Iran.

China, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, South Korea and Germany were top exporters of goods to Iran, while China, Iraq, South Korea, Afghanistan and the UAE were the top importers of Iranian commodities.


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