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Iran calls U.S. complicit in Yemen calamity

December 16, 2017

Iran’s permanent mission to the UN has said since Saudi Arabia relies heavily on the Trump administration’s help in its war on Yemen, Washington is a complicit in the sufferings of the Yemeni people.

“Riyadh’s aerial attacks on Yemen have, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, included U.S.-supplied cluster munitions. These bombs are banned under a treaty signed by 119 nations,” a case study published by Iran’s mission to the UN on Friday said. 

Following is an excerpt of the case study:

Last year, Saudi Arabia was the world’s second largest weapons buyer, increasing its intake by 212% - mainly from the United States. President Donald Trump’s trip to Riyadh in May featured the signing of a $110 billion arms deal. As recently as late last month, it was confirmed that Raytheon and Boeing will sell thousands of ‘precision guided munitions’ worth $7 billion as part of this mega agreement.

The Saudi-led bombing campaign has been directly bolstered by the provision of targeting information, logistical support and daily refuelling of warplanes by U.S. personnel.

The United States has supported the Saudi-led bombing campaign from the very beginning, including by refuelling Saudi-led warplanes in mid-air. In 2015, a sales process began for more than 8,000 laser-guided bombs for the Saudi air force. It also included more than 10,000 general purpose bombs, and above 5,000 kits to convert munitions.

The Obama administration signed a total of 42 weapons deals with Saudi Arabia. Worth over $115 billion, they were highest level of arms sales offers by any administration in the history of the U.S.-Saudi relationship. 

Indeed, U.S. offers of arms sales to Saudi Arabia under President Obama covered everything from small arms, to tanks, to helicopters, to attack aircraft, to bombs and missile systems, and to combat ships. The United States also provides maintenance and training, including a $4 billion contract with the Saudi National Guard, which has played an important role in the war in Yemen.


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