Iran to launch 100-day water and wetland scheme

July 11, 2018 - 9:21

TEHRAN – A 100-day environmental schemewith the theme of "water and wetlands" will be launched in Iran, an official at Department of Environment (DOE) said on Sunday.

Following the success of “no waste” scheme [a 100-day scheme promoting waste segregation and less waste generation], the DOE plans to launch another 100-day scheme focusing on water and wetlands nationwide, Jila Aqaei said.

Launched on December 22, 2017, the no waste scheme went into force during winter and lasted until spring. It was aimed at raising awareness and fostering a sense of responsibility in the community about waste management with the notion of “starting with ourselves”. 

Referring to the initiation of short-term schemeswith environmental themes, Aqaei stated that the 100-day scheme will be completely drawn up by July 13.

A document for the second 100-day campaignhas been prepared in a collaboration between DOE’s public participation and public education offices, she said.

She said in this regard, last week, a workshop was held in Qazvin province to discuss the scheme in details. It was attended by officials representing the provincials departments of environment.

The DOE is responsible for devising the scheme and monitoring its implementation and provincial departments of environments are the executive arms of the DOE, Aqaei added.

Developing and producing various contents on water-related issues and engaging the public and related NGOs to address the challenges such as water shortage are some subjects of the aforesaid campaign, she explained.

The scheme also aims to educate the public to reduce water consumption by involving them in identifying and solving water shortage, she concluded.


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