Ghani says no to ‘foreign mercenaries’

October 3, 2018 - 22:30

TEHRAN - Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, reacting to recent remarks made by Blackwater founder Erik Prince, has said that Afghan security forces have enough capability and have managed to save the country from “collapse”.

Prince, the founder of security company Blackwater, in an interview to Afghan news channel TOLO news, said the Afghan war will end “in few months” if his plan to send in few thousand contracted mercenaries to Afghanistan was implemented.

According to Prince, 3,600 “contracted veteran mentors” from Blackwater will be deployed to Afghanistan – 36 for each Afghan unit and for two to four years at a time.

In a strong reaction, President Ghani said he will not allow “foreign mercenaries” to operate in Afghanistan. “You should know that the work which is done by Afghans cannot be done by any foreign mercenary and foreign mercenaries will never be allowed in this soil,” Ghani said, addressing a conference in Kabul.

Afghanistan’s chief cxecutive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah’s office also denounced the plan, saying it was not applicable in the country. “The plan to privatize the war in Afghanistan is not a working plan and is not applicable,” said Omid Maisam, his spokesperson.

Afghan parliament also reacted to the plan to privatize the Afghan war, saying it is not in Afghanistan’s favor. “The question is that how a private company will be able to ensure security in Afghanistan? This is certainly concerning,” said Rauf Ibrahimi, the parliament speaker.

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