Nominal electricity generation capacity reaches 79.665GW

October 21, 2018

TEHRAN – Nominal electricity generation capacity in Iran increased by 340 megawatts (MW) compared to the H1 (March 21-Septemebr 22) figure which was 79,325 MW, Tasnim news agency reported on Sunday.

The mentioned figure for the added capacity was supplied from the newly operational distributed generation power plants, hydroelectric power plants, gas-fueled power plants, combined cycle power plants as well as renewable plants.

The country increased its electricity generation capacity by 1005 MW since the beginning of the current Iranian calendar year (March 2018).

Iran’s total power generation capacity stood at 78,484 MW in the past Iranian calendar year (1396), up from the 76,302 MW of its preceding year.

Currently, of the total nominal capacity of the country's power plants, the share of hydroelectric power plants is 19.87 percent while gas power plants generate 31.41 percent of the country’s total electricity, the share of combined cycle power plants is 29.48 percent, hydroelectric power plants account for 15 percent of the total capacity, while the share of dispersed generation units is 1.62 percent and finally the renewable power plants account only for 0.79 percent of Iran’s total power generation capacity.


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