New nature monuments, wildlife refuges nominated for inclusion in DOE list

November 2, 2018 - 12:16

TEHRAN – Four natural sceneries in northwestern province of Hamedan are nominated for possible inclusion in Department of Environment (DOE) list as national nature monuments and wildlife refuges, Tasnim news agency reported on Wednesday.

Alvand Mountain, a subrange of the Zagros Mountains located 10 km southern Hamedan city, and Sarab cave, which is millions of years old, are the two natural heritages nominated as national nature monuments the provincial DOE chief Adel Arabi said.

Arabi went on to add that Khan-Gormaz protected area stretching on 5,000 hectares of land area and Shirinsoo wetland, home to migratory birds, are also proposed to be added to the list as wildlife refuges.

 “Currently, the aforesaid areas are listed to be approved by the DOE supreme council,” Adel Arabi said.

Regarding the ecological diversity and value of Hamedan province, as well as close follow-up, the provincial responsible bodies came to an agreement to introduce the four areas for further conservation and protection, he stated. 

In Iran, areas protected by the Department of Environment cover 8.2 million hectares which fall into four categories: national parks (11 sites), wildlife refuges (25 sites), protected areas (47 sites), and national nature monuments (5 sites).

Any interference with the protected areas is subject to special regulations, and the DOE is the responsible body which have absolute authority over all of the related organizations.


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