Prehistoric relics, petroglyphs discovered in northwest Iran

November 3, 2018 - 21:17

TEHRAN – Archaeologist have detected new traces of prehistoric relics and petroglyphs around Meshginshahr County, northwest Iran.

“Ancient relicts have been discovered in 10 new places, apart from rock arts or petroglyphs scattered in two villages of Moradlu District,” CHTN quoted Meshginshahr’s tourism chief as saying on Saturday.

Imanali Imani said the abundance and variety of rock paintings and engravings in Meshginshahr area represent rare examples of the rocky motifs in Iran and [even] the world.

“The discovered objects bear depictions of human beings in archery, cavalry in rhythmic and magical themes,” the official said.

There are also petroglyphs that depict mountain goats, boat anchors, shooting and scenes of war, and scenes of deer hunting in individual and collective forms, he added.

The rock art can be seen in some mountainous regions across Iran where roaming life and livestock farming are prevalent typically.

The ancient animals, tools, and human activities depicted often help shed light on daily life in the distant past, though the images are frequently symbolic.


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