• freeze for freeze Today 12:02

    By Azin Sahabi

    CSIS: Issue linkage to secure Iran’s commitment

    TEHRAN- ​​​​​​​ The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the number one think tank in the United States across all fields in 2019, conducts policy studies and strategic analyses of political, economic, and security issues throughout the world. It publishes numerous reports about the Islamic Republic of Iran as a permanent key area of focus for the U.S. 

  • Amoui Yesterday 22:16

    MP stresses cooperation between Iran and IAEA is technical

    TEHRAN- Abolfazl Amoui, spokesman for the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Iranian Parliament, says that the cooperation between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is technical, according to Iran Press.

  • Salehi Yesterday 22:15

    Nuclear chief: Iran will respond if IAEA board adopts negative resolution

    TEHRAN - Iran will respond appropriately in case the Board of Governors at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) issues a resolution against Iran for suspending the voluntary implementation of the Additional Protocol, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) warned on Sunday.

  • Ali Baqeri Yesterday 22:12

    Tehran rules out discrimination against ethnic groups

    TEHRAN – Iran’s top human rights official on Sunday ruled out alleged discrimination against ethnic groups, saying the Islamic Republic observes the rights of all citizens regardless of their ethnicity.

  • Spox Yesterday 22:11

    Iran welcomes India-Pakistan ceasefire deal

    TEHRAN - Iran welcomed on Sunday the joint statement of India and Pakistan based on which the two sides have agreed to strictly adhere to the ceasefire along the Line of Control (LoC).

  • JCPOA Yesterday 22:06

    Things to do in Washington when the JCPOA is dead

    TEHRAN – The United States is reportedly planning to get the UN nuclear watchdog’s Board of Governors to adopt a resolution criticizing Iran for reducing nuclear commitments with a 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and major world powers.

  • Ambassador Yesterday 18:49

    Iran not interested in escalation with U.S.: ambassador

    TEHRAN – Iran has no interest in escalating tensions with the United States, Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations Majid Takht-Ravanchi has said. 

  • Amir Abdollahian Yesterday 18:13

    Hossein Amir-Abdollahian condemns U.S. attacks on Syrian soil

    TEHRAN - Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, the Iranian Parliament speaker’s special aide for international affairs, has condemned the recent U.S. airstrikes on anti-terror Iraqi popular forces in eastern Syria, according to Fars news agency.

  • Nasirzadeh Yesterday 18:13

    General Nasirzadeh says Iran capable of building jet engine

    TEHRAN - Brigadier-General Aziz Nasirzadeh, the commander of the Air Force, says Iran is able to build jet engines.

  • Iraj Masjedi Yesterday 17:54

    Ambassador says Iran ready to assist Iraq in security affairs

    TEHRAN – In an interview with Iraq’s Kurdish TV channel Rudav on Sunday, Iraj Masjedi, Iran's ambassador to Iraq, says that Tehran is ready to assist Iraq in security affairs if needed, according to the IRNA news agency.

  • Rapid COVID-19 testing in Ahvaz as virus roars back Yesterday 15:59

    Rapid COVID-19 testing in Ahvaz as virus roars back

    TEHRAN – A COVID-19 rapid testing program is being implemented across the city of Ahvaz, southwestern Khuzestan province, as a new wave of the virus has pushed the city into a high-risk red zone.

  • John Colarusso Yesterday 15:07

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    Engaging Iran will serve America’s interests in West Asia: ex-White House adviser

    TEHRAN – Pointing to the role of some regional actors in West Asia to hinder a revival the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, an American academic and former advisor to the White House on Russian affairs believes that engaging Iran will serve the interests of the United States in West Asia. 

  • Andrew Korybko 2021/02/28

    By Andrew Korybko

    Iran has an integral role to play in Russian-South Asian connectivity

    Iran is geostrategically positioned to play an integral role in Russian-South Asian connectivity. President Putin told the Valdai Club during its annual meeting in October 2019 that “there is one more prospective route, the Arctic – Siberia – Asia.

  • منطقه زلزله زده سی سخت ۶ روز بعد از زلزله Yesterday 11:01

    Magnitude 4.4 quake rattles northwestern Iran

    TEHRAN – A 4.4-magnitude earthquake struck near the city of Sarab, northwestern East Azarbaijan province, on Sunday morning.

  • former Kyrgyz Prime Minister Djoomart Otorbaev 2021-02-27 21:55

    Ex-Kyrgyz PM hopes Iran will join the EAEU soon

    TEHRAN - Writing an article in China Global Television Network (CGTN) on Friday, former Kyrgyz Prime Minister Djoomart Otorbaev expresses hope that Iran will join the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) as soon as possible.

  • Shamkhani 2021-02-27 21:54

    Shamkhani says U.S. airstrikes intended to revive ‘organized terrorism’

    TEHRAN - Ali Shamkhani, the secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, on Saturday condemned the recent “brutal” U.S. airstrikes on the Iraqi resistance forces in in eastern Syria as part of attempts to revive “a new round of organized terrorism”.

  • Salehi 2021-02-27 21:54

    Iran to delete IAEA cameras’ data if U.S. sanctions not lifted: Salehi

    TEHRAN- The head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) says recordings from monitoring equipment that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) installed at the country’s nuclear sites will be deleted if the United States does not lift its unilateral sanctions within the next three months.

  • Persian handicrafts: Khos Duzi of Hormozgan 2021-02-27 21:48

    Persian handicrafts: Khos Duzi of Hormozgan

    TEHRAN - Khos Duzi, a kind of traditional embroidery, is popular among rural areas of Hormozgan province, southern Iran.  

  • Massive hypostyle hall is seen inside the Vakil Mosque in Shiraz, southern Iran. 2021-02-27 21:48

    A peek into core elements of traditional Iranian architecture

    TEHRAN – The history of Iranian architecture is very complex and time-stretched. The Elamite, Achaemenian, Hellenistic, and other pre-Islamic dynasties left striking stone testaments to their greatness, such as Chogha Zanbil and Persepolis—both designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1979.

  • Zarif-Hussein 2021-02-27 21:31

    Iraqi FM meets Zarif in Tehran

    Zarif calls attacks and events in Iraq suspicious

    TEHRAN – The foreign ministers of Iran and Iraq held talks in Tehran on Saturday to discuss the different dimensions of political and economic cooperation as well as border exchanges between the two countries.

  • Iran's Economy 2021-02-27 18:33

    Iran can retool its economy under sanctions: Washington Post

    TEHRAN – In a recent commentary the Washington Post said “President Biden is walking a geopolitical tightrope on Iran.”

  • Hemmati 2021-02-27 18:31

    Foreign Policy advises Biden admin to include Iranian central bank in negotiations

    TEHRAN – Removing sanctions will be central to reviving the nuclear deal, Foreign Policy magazine suggests.

  • Iranian filmmaker Narges Abyar. (Anadolu Agency) 2021-02-27 18:27

    Narges Abyar calls for more cooperation between Iranian, Turkish cineastes 

    TEHRAN – Iranian filmmaker Narges Abyar has called for more collaboration between Iran and Turkey on the film industry.

  • Spox 2021-02-27 16:31

    Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman holds talks in Damascus

    TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh held talks on Friday with high-ranking Syrian officials including Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad and Bouthaina Shaaban, the senior advisor to the Syrian president.

  • Qataro FM 2021-02-27 16:30

    Qatari FM meets E3 ambassadors to discuss JCPOA

    TEHRAN – Qatari Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani met with the ambassadors of the three European countries that are signatories to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

  • Biden Netanyahu 2021-02-27 11:40

    By Azin Sahabi

    AFPC: Messengers of Israeli officials to U.S.

    TEHRAN- Tehran started the enforcement of Iran’s parliamentary law regarding suspending the implementation of the Additional Protocol to the NPT on February 23. Called “Strategic Action to Lift Sanctions and Protect the Interest of Iranian Nation”, the law obligates the Iranian government to stop implementing some nuclear commitments.

  • Spox 2021-02-26 22:48

    Iran says UN investigator has no authority to comment on Ukrainian plane crash

    TEHRAN – Spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry Saeed Khatibzadeh has responded to UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial or arbitrary executions Agnes Callamard’s comments on the Ukrainian plane crash in Iran by saying that the UN investigator had no authority to comment on the crash.

  • Zarif 2021-02-26 22:48

    U.S. behavior has not changed, Zarif says

    TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has castigated the new U.S. administration for not changing tack on Iran, urging the White House to remove the cause that forced Iran to reduce its nuclear commitments.

  • US flag 2021-02-26 22:43

    Biden shows U.S. true colors

    TEHRAN – The new U.S. administration has followed in the footsteps of its predecessor in terms of continuing economic pressure on Iran and pursuing destabilizing activities in the region.

  • Iraqi FM 2021-02-26 22:36

    Iraqi FM due in Tehran on Saturday

    TEHRAN – Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein is expected to arrive in Tehran on Saturday for the second time in a month, according to an Iraqi news agency.