“Melbourne” director Nima Javidi on jury of Tbilisi film festival

December 4, 2018

TEHRAN – Nima Javidi, the director of the acclaimed Iranian drama “Melbourne”, is on the jury of the 19th Tbilisi International Film Festival, which is currently underway in the Georgian capital.

Raimundas Banionis from Lithuania, Celine Nusse from France, Kanako Hayashi from Japan and Archil Kikodze from Georgia are the other members of the jury.

Javidi’s 2014 movie “Melbourne” is scheduled to be reviewed at the festival.

The film is about a young couple, Amir and Sara, who plan to leave Tehran to try a new life in the Australian coastal city of Melbourne. However, a tragic event puts their plan at risk.

The Tbilisi International Film Festival will be running until December 9.

Photo: Iranian director Nima Javidi in an undated photo.


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