By Sadiq Aliyu Musa

We will not leave Abuja until Shekh Zakzaky is freed’

December 8, 2018

It was on Friday, December 7, that members of the IMN (the Islamic Movement of Nigeria) held a mourning session 40 days after the massacre at Abuja, the day marking the International Arbaeen of Imam Hussein (AS).

The session was held at the front of Universal Basic Education Board at the Nigerian capital Abuja, after a peaceful procession of FREE ZAKZAKY. The IMN members perform FREE ZAKZAKY procession at least six days in a week.

In his speech, Dr. Sunusi Abdulqadir asked the government that they must obey court order to release Shekh Zakzaky without any condition, and government should know that IMN members will not leave Abuja no matter how situation is.

''.....government killed us on 29 October 2018, just to make us leave Abuja; we will not leave Abuja; it is now we started.......,'' he stated.

When the Abuja massacre happened, at least 50 members of the IMN were brutally killed by Nigerian soldiers. Most of them died instantly, the rest died after few days.

Also among those who died, there is one lady her name is Hauwa from Potiskum; she died on Thursday, a day before the mourning session.

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