By Ramin Hossein Abadian

Innovative and cheap warfare against the Zionists is working

December 29, 2018 - 14:8

TEHRAN - Zionist military commanders have lately acknowledged the security problems it faces in the West Bank and in particular Gaza Strip. It is a brewing crisis, so much so that (IDF) Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot has recently acknowledged that the regime has failed to provide security to Zionist residents near Gaza.

However, it cannot be said that Eisenkot is the first Zionist commander who acknowledges the security problems of the regime along the borders of the Gaza Strip. But Other Zionist military commanders have said as much occasionally in the past.

The fact is that the Zionist regime has for a long time been struggling with a widespread security crisis in the occupied territories and this has raised questions about Israel’s political structure. For one thing, there has been a failure to find solutions to halting Palestinian resistance operations, which have increased, despite repressive measures against dissidents and their families.

An innovative initiative that the Palestinians have been pursuing to harass Tel Aviv has been the creation of explosive or fire starting kites and balloons and sending them towards Israel on the prevailing winds. 

The use of kites dangling coal embers is a new tool for the Palestinians to fight against the Zionist regime, and these kites became commonplace during the Great March of Return since last Spring. The Zionist TV channel KAN reported on the effect of these fiery kites and declared that the army had failed to stop them.

Israel deploys electronic “eyes” to track fire kites but to no avail.  Fiery or explosive kites have burned about three thousand dunams (3000 hectares) of occupied Palestinian land near the Gaza Strip.

Many Zionist officials, including the outgoing minister of defense, as well as the minister of education in the regime, called for the execution of those who are sending the kites. But protests or rallies on the Gaza Strip remain the most basic and most important challenge to the Zionists.

During the marches have taken place over the past 39 weeks, Zionists have not only failed to reduce the participation of Palestinians at the rallies, but also saw a dramatic increase in participants. More than 250 Palestinian civilians have been martyred by Zionist gunmen and thousands have been severely injured. The next “intifadeh” may well be ahead.

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