“Animal Scientists” series published in Persian

January 7, 2019

TEHRAN – Iran’s Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA) announced on Monday that it has published British children’s book writer Leon Gray’s series “Animal Scientists” in Persian.

The IIDCYA has previously acquired the copyright to the book from Brown Bear Books, a London-based publisher of illustrated non-fiction books for children.

Translated by Majid Amiq, the series includes “Amazing Animal Super-Sleuths”, “Amazing Animal Communicators”, “Amazing Animal Shape-Shifters”, “Amazing Animal Tool-Users and Tool-Makers” and “Amazing Animal Engineers”.

“Animal Scientists” combines ecology with simple scientific principles so young readers can see how animals have adapted to cope with their environment and how they relate to other animals. The series explores animals' use of science and engineering to overcome environmental challenges such as escaping predators, making a shelter, finding food and finding a mate.

Photo: Front covers of the Persian version of the “Animal Scientists” series.


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