Connection between ego, power, politics in spotlight at Tehran exhibit 

January 26, 2019

TEHRAN – A group of Iranian and foreign artists is showcasing their latest works in Tehran in an exhibition that aims to put a spotlight on the relationship between ego, power and politics.

Asieh Salimian from Tehran and Katharina Maria Raab from Berlin are the curators of the exhibition “Power Struggle” underway at Mah-e Mehr Gallery, the gallery announced in a press release published on Saturday.

Negar Alemzadeh Gorji, Mostafa Chubtarash, Rima Eslammaslak, Mina Talai,  Ali and Ramyar are the Iranian members of the group.

The exhibition also showcases works by Ahmed Kamel from Egypt, Mahi Binebine from Morocco, Elisabeth Masé from Switzerland, David Krippendorff from Germany and Andrea Salvino from Italy.

Salimian said that the interaction between ego, power and politics is the concern of many artists in the world.

Maria Raab also pointed to Iran’s rich art and history and said that contemporary art is flourishing in Iran but it is little known to the Western countries.

Raab also added that she wants to get to know more about the contemporary art of Iran and meet the artists in person.

The exhibition is being organized in collaboration with the Factory TT Berlin/Tehran and Aria Residency Zuker E.V.

The exhibit will be running until January 28 at the gallery located at 7 Nilufar Alley, off Africa Ave.

Photo: Curator Asieh Salimian (L) speaks to visitors the exhibition “Power Struggle” at Tehran’s Mah-e Mehr Gallery on January 11, 2019. (Honaronline/Mojtaba Arabzadeh)


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