By Ramin Hossein Abadian 

Saudi’s new project is to portray Damascus is insecure 

February 6, 2019 - 10:14

TEHRAN - After the Saudis series of defeat in Syria in the past few years, the regime is trying hard to portray Syria as an insecure country through some Western-Arab media outlets. 

The Syrian Ministry of Interior issued a statement in which it dismisses any news about unsafety in Damascus calling it “baseless” and “untrue”. The ministry has also denied news on the abduction of civilians in Damascus and noted it has received no report of such in the past few weeks or months. 

The question is who is trying to portray a wrong image of Syria particularly in Damascus, and especially now that the Syrian resistance forces have achieved much in the political and ground battle in the fight against terrorism. 

Creating fear and terror among people 

It seems that in the portrayal of an “unsafe Damascus” by some Western countries and Saudi Arabia aims at creating fear and terror among civilians and people of Syria in various parts of the country.
That way they can portray a wrong image of the capital of Syria and influence and shape public opinion that despite the Syrian resistance achievement the capital of Syria remains unsafe. 

The enemy knows all too well that one of the reasons Bashar al-Assad still is the head of the Syrian government is that he has the public support. Therefore, Saudi Arabia and its allies are spreading rumors about the insecurity in Syria.

Field achievement for Syrian resistance forces is Saudis’ nightmare  

Presently, tens of thousands of Syrian refugees, successful ground battle, have had voluntary repatriation as the situation in many parts of Syria is gradually returning to normal. 
 The Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria releases a number of reports on the Syrian voluntary return on a daily basis. 
Thus, Saudi officials, fearful of repatriation of Syrians, have adopted a new deceptive policy to confront the legitimate government of Bashar al-Assad. 

Arab countries to reopen embassies in Damascus 

Another issue of concern for the Saudis is the reopening of Arab embassies in Damascus in the past few weeks. The United Arab Emirates has opened an embassy in Damascus, Jordan has appointed new charge d'affaires at its embassy in Damascus, and Kuwait will soon reopen its embassy in Damascus. Saudi Arabia wishes to halt the process by demonstrating Damascus as an unsafe city. 

The political achievement of drafting the Syrian constitution

Yet another issue that has devastated the House of Saud is the formation of Syrian constitutional committee which can put an end to Syria’s eight-year crisis.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has hoped the committee reaches an agreement soon as Russia, Turkey, Iran continue to hold dialogue and push for Syrian constitution. 

In any case, the Saudis, quite apprehensive about the new developments, have gone off the deep end to leave an image of insure Damascus through their related media. They will fail this time too as they had before. 

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