“&” to take music aficionados on tour of East 

February 13, 2019

TEHRAN – Young music duo Amir-Farhang Eskandari and Zakaria Yusefi have said that their fans will have a musical journey to the East by listening to their new album “&”. 

In a press release published on Wednesday, they said that the album features a new method of playing the oud and percussion instruments based on elements from Eastern music.

“This album features a dialogue between the oud and percussion instruments; a collection that returns to the roots and is sentimental at the same time,” oud virtuoso Eskandari said.

The album, which is scheduled to be released by the Rahgozare Haft Eqlim label on March 1, contains 12 tracks, some of which have been improvised.

“You will listen to the improvisations performed in the Shur, Homayun and Nava dastgahs, which will take you on a musical journey to the East,” he added.
Percussionist Yusefi said, “We have tried not to sacrifice the ambiance of the collection for the sake of technical matters, something that nowadays has become fairly commonplace.”

Photo: Music duo Amir-Farhang Eskandari (L) and Zakaria Yusefi. 


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