Department of Environment to employ female rangers

March 11, 2019 - 22:36

TEHRAN – Department of Environment (DOE) is to employ female rangers, Jamshid Mohabatkhani, the commander of DOE’s environment protection unit, said here on Sunday.

Since last year (beginning March 21, 2017), some rangers have trained students and their parents which resulted in an increase of 134% in the number of rangers this year, ISNA quoted Mohabatkhani as saying. 

A new project for “training 100 rangers at schools” is to be implemented, he announced.

In this direction, the DOE is employing female rangers, to wear rangers’ uniform and hold training courses at schools. 

Female rangers are to be employed for environment protection positions or some administrative posts, said the official.

Female rangers are ambassadors of the environment at girls’ schools, he concluded.


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