Shahram Nazeri’s album “Arash the Archer” unveiled 

March 16, 2019

TEHRAN – “Arash the Archer”, the latest album by the world-renowned vocalist Shahram Nazeri was officially unveiled at the Music Museum of Iran on Friday.

Composed by Pejman Taheri, the collection was recorded along with the Austrian Chamber Orchestra in 2018. The album has been released by the Qoqnus Art and Culture Institute in Tehran.

Director and theater expert Qotbeddin Sadeqi, who is also a prominent actor, has collaborated with Nazeri and Taheri in this project as a narrator.

Speaking at the ceremony, Taheri said, “Working with Nazeri is like learning a great lesson at school. When one begins a project with a strict musician like Nazeri, it takes longer, however, I wished that it would take even longer because every time I learned something new from him.”

Nazeri also said that working on an album might not seem prudent economically, but it is something that arose from his heart.

“It is almost impossible for me not to work. I first began with music when I was a kid, then gradually I continued with songs. Achieving a special style in music is very hard. I am happy that I could convince Taheri to work on Arash,” Nazeri stated. 

He said that the story of Arash is a national legend, which every individual who is interested in his country would enjoy the music.

The album features “Night”, “Tale”, “Hope”, “Arash” and “Farewell” selected from a poem collection of the same name by Siavash Kasrai.

“Arash the Archer” is based on the story of the Persian mythical character Arash the Archer.

Legend has it that Arash shot an arrow from the peak of Damavand, Iran’s highest peak, to mark the border of Iran and Turan after the long-lasting war between the two countries. 

The arrow fell on the bank of the River Oxus in what is now Central Asia. Arash, who had pulled his bow with all his strength, collapsed to the ground on Mount Damavand and passed away.

Photo: Vocalist Shahram Nazeri attends a ceremony at the Music Museum of Iran on March 15, 2019 to unveil his album “Arash the Archer”. (Tasnim/Vahid Ahmadi) 


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