Dozens killed in clashes between Taliban and Afghan forces

March 18, 2019 - 22:27

TEHRAN - While the U.S. and Taliban called off their marathon talks in Doha, which lasted 16 days, the battle continued in different parts of the war-ravaged country, leading to dozens of casualties.

According to reports, heavy clashes are going on between Taliban fighters and Afghan security forces in different parts of Afghanistan, especially in southern and northern parts of the country.

The northwestern province of Bagdhis has witnessed pitched battles between the two sides over the past ten days after a group of Taliban fighters attacked government posts in Bala Murghab district, bordering Turkmenistan, according to reports.

Afghan officials said dozens of security personnel abandoned their bases in Bala Murghab district and fled to the bordering areas between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.

According to reports, at least 22 Afghan security personnel have been killed in these clashes in Bala Murghab district, while Taliban has also incurred heavy losses.
Footage released by Afghanistan’s ministry of defense shows Afghan Air Force targeting a Taliban hideout in Bala Murghab district on Friday night.

The Taliban launched the retaliation late on Saturday with attacks on checkpoints manned by police and pro-government forces, leading to fierce gun battle that continues till now.

While the violence continues across the country, U.S. officials have been engaged in ‘negotiations’ with the insurgents in Doha, raising questions about the motive of these meetings.

Many Afghan officials and experts have argued that the violence and talks should not go together as it allows the insurgent group to negotiate from the position of strength. 

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