By Martin Love

The aggravation of Trump’s lack of vision is the world’s burden

April 8, 2019 - 15:31

NORTH CAROLINA - Now that Americans have been informed that the Mueller report conclusions investigating alleged collusion between Trump and minions and the Russians was little more than conspiracy pornography concocted by Obama and Clinton and by those who were appalled that Trump won the election in 2016, the Republicans and Trump may breathe a sigh of relief for a short while, but no one else can.

 To any extent that Trump and the Neocons are emboldened further by the alleged conclusions of the Mueller investigation, it’s not just Americans who are at risk, but the entire world. A world which is groaning under the lash of a President doing all the wrong things to “make America great again”. Trump is mostly making America despised.

As odd as the analogy may be, I had the distinct displeasure of having to spend an entire night last week at a newish terminal at Newark airport outside New York City, and felt that the actual fixed layout of the place served to describe the country today. By all appearances the terminal appeared nice enough, but every single chair for those in transit, including those at food kiosks, was firmly bolted to the floor, and not a single one induced relaxation or provided much comfort.

 The entire terminal was all a matter of appearances that delivered little for weary travelers. So it is for people yearning for relief from the efforts of the Trump administration to attack with sanctions or threats of war just about every country on earth:  with policies that seem bolted down, like the chairs at Newark airport, and averse to any qualitative change, designed to resist even the slightest challenge to U.S. imperium and unilateralism.

Amid a welter of bad news, including the floods in Iran (but which may revitalize in some respects a very arid country overall) one must note in random order: Turkey is not bowing to U.S. pressure to cancel the S400 deal with Russia, Europe is responding positively to China’s Belt and Road initiative and showing some independence for the first time in decades from U.S. dominance, North Korea notes how John Bolton shot down any agreement with Trump in Hanoi this winter and is not bending to absurd demands, Trump is not looking particularly good for reelection in 2020 but the Democrats are still looking foolish generally by not embracing progressives and progressive policies.

 The U.S. mainstream media has become untrustworthy and sentiment among many U.S citizens, noted last week in France, too, is sour and dour and frightened by Trump who has dismantled environmental safeguards in favor of the corporate oligarchy. The financial markets have been rigged by the Federal Reserve bank and Trump, and this is becoming clearer by the day.

 Maduro, for all his faults (and there are many) is hanging tough in Venezuela and Trump hasn’t a clue what to do next to try to install the hapless puppet Guaido short of invading the country. Trump is thoroughly opposed worldwide and at the U.N. by his unilateral declaration that the Golan is Israeli territory in an attempt to insure Netanyahu wins reelection given that his “base” are the illegal settlers in the West Bank and Golan. The Saudis have at least threatened to sell oil in some other currency such as the Yuan or the Euro. And this is just the short list.

What all this and more actually demonstrates is that the harder Trump tries to shore up U.S. “empire” as it has been this century at least, the more he incites opposition and disgust everywhere, like an abusive husband whose wife (or wives) still cower in too much fear of a bully and a tyrant.

But no one ever said the fall from grace of the U.S. in world opinion and the fraying of the Empire of Chaos would ever be easy, however necessary for the future health of humanity in general it seems to be. And more than ever, it is incumbent upon countries like Iran that are distressed and hurt by U.S. moves to try to do the exact opposite of Trump and keep an eye on the big picture as it unfolds now and in future.

 The lie of the U.S as a current champion of democracy and peace is increasingly apparent even inside the U.S although countering moves remain difficult. This means that those who oppose Trump become especially big champions of democracy at home and multilateralism and peace elsewhere.

Trump has been so malleable because he is a know nothing. He has been made a servant to the Zionists and the Neocons. But one must wonder that if someone of sound mind got his ear, he might change course? He is such a narcissist that one must wonder that if he actually heard a good argument pointing out how to make himself a world hero, he might change.

 Wishful thinking it is, but if he were to declare a balanced policy in the Mideast, resurrection of the U.S. adherence to the JCPOA, vast relief funds that are not bribes for any country struck by natural disasters as Iran has been of late, the end of overweening support for the Zionist agenda, the end of smothering sanctions, détente with Russia, an end to the arms race and a vast cut in wasteful U.S. military expenditures, the freeing of Julian Assange, restored safeguards against environmental decay, and much more, Trump would no doubt find himself the most popular President ever everywhere.

And this is precisely what is most aggravating, that he and his administration and many in the U.S. Congress don’t see and understand this. Why not, is the question? The answer is that Trump and many others are hostage to special interests and their own utter stupidity, and the risks are enormous.


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