By Mohammad Ghaderi

What is the common purpose of London and Brussels?

April 13, 2019 - 10:46

TEHRAN - Britain's departure from the European Union is still unknown! Many analysts believe that extending the British government's deadline to leave the EU complicates the existing situation.

This is while European parliamentary elections are scheduled to take place soon. Meanwhile, some European and British officials are also seeking a new referendum in the UK. The same shows that the six-month extension of the London-Brussels negotiations has not been coincidental by the European authorities! This action has been quite purposeful.

As CNBC reported, Theresa May managed to convince EU leaders to grant the U.K. more time before it leaves the bloc, but experts say her days in office are now numbered. “A six-month period is clearly enough for the Conservative Party to contemplate a change in leadership while still allowing some time for the incoming PM to seek to negotiate with the EU,” J.P. Morgan economist Malcolm Barr said in a research note Thursday. “One could even cram a general election into that time frame too if PM May were to resign by roughly the end of May.”

More tumult in British politics is expected despite a reprieve from Brussels on Wednesday night, with EU leaders agreeing to a “flexible extension” of the Brexit deadline until October 31, following a request from May.Despite the Brexit extension Wednesday evening, May will still work to get her deal passed (which would allow the U.K. to leave earlier) and would like to do so before a May 22 cut-off point — after which the U.K. must take part in EU Parliamentary elections.

The fact is that many British officials are planning to make the situation in the country more politically complicated.

 They believe that the complexity of the situation will lead to a new referendum in this country. The six-month deadline for European officials to England will also provide the ground for a new referendum in Britain. Everyone knows well that senior officials and supporters of the British Labor Party and the British Conservative Party are opposed to the exit from the European Union.

 The authorities seem to have sent signals to the European Union on a six-month extension of the talks. Meanwhile, one cannot ignore the role of politicians such as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair (the main opposition to leaving Europe).

At present, many British citizens are confused about the political situation in this country. This confusion is the result of the joint London and Brussels game. The "automatic exit from the European Union" option, if the negotiations were not successful, was previously raised by French President Emmanuel Macron but he and other European officials retreated. The secret purpose of some European officials and most British officials is clear: to hold a referendum again in Britain and stay in the EU! The purposeful game started two years ago and approaches its end point.


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