Kheimeh shab-bazi master Morteza Khamsei dies at 82

April 16, 2019 - 19:13

TEHRAN – The kheimeh shab-bazi master Morteza Khamsei died of a heart disease on Tuesday. He was 82.

Morteza was the son of Ahmad, a veteran master of Iranian traditional puppet making and kheimeh shab-bazi performances.

Kheimeh shab-bazi is performed in a small chamber by a musical performer and a person called a morshed (mentor). The dialogue takes place between the morshed and the puppets, specifically the traditional Iranian puppet Mobarak.
Morteza began to learn the art from his father when he was only 4, and continued his father’s art with his brother Reza for years.

After the death of Reza in 2013, Morteza was the last survivor of the family. He was suffering from different illnesses over the past few years. His last performance was held at the Mehrab Hall in December 2017.

He was also honored for his lifetime achievements at the opening ceremony of the Kheimeh Shab-Bazi Museum in Tehran in March.

Photo: Morteza Khamsei performs kheimeh shab-bazi in an undated photo.


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