By Martin Love

Trump’s one opportunity left to survive with any positive legacy: dumping his Neocon, Zionist advisors

April 22, 2019 - 12:52

NORTH CAROLINA - Well, for sure, the designation by Trump of the IRGC as a “terrorist” organization is a foolish move, but not Iran’s tit for tat response to it – designating the same for the U.S. central military command, or CENTCOM. This all can mostly present a warning for the remaining 5000 U.S. soldiers and diplomats in Iraq and the 2000 or so still lingering in Syria.

The Trump move is clearly because John Bolton and Mike Pompeo and some other de facto Zionist Neocons in his administration seek some kind of clear provocation for a military attack on Iran and not merely an attack on Iranian forces outside Iran. But Trump, intellectual and strategic weakling that he truly has become, wants nothing but fuel for his narcissism and popularity, which he is not going to get from the American voters by sparking another Middle Eastern war. None has gone as planned by the U.S. and Trump’s tenure and any kind of positive legacy may be dependent on NOT starting any more wars in the Middle East and not in Venezuela, too. Will Trump understand this? Hard to know. 

And does Trump fully realize that Syria, Iraq, Iran and even Lebanon are beginning to bind themselves closer together in a mutual allegiance of some sort? And Egypt has just refused inclusion into the Arab “NATO” that the U.S. wants to create. Of course Trump knows all this, and it could be fuel for further U.S. aggression in the region, but to use it as such is a mistake of the first order.

At any rate, these countries along or near the northern edge of the Arab Mideast, and Iran, are talking about connecting and rebuilding their railways, providing Iraq and Iran, with Chinese assistance related to the Belt and Road initiative, a means to access ports on the Mediterranean. This project could take several years given that much railway infrastructure, which was in fair condition until 2011, has been destroyed in the wars.

If one stands back a bit and takes a look at the overall picture of U.S foreign policy currently, and not just in the Middle East, it is failing. Even while many, Iranians especially, suffer from it. 

The Neocons have been stalled in Venezuela and a few hundred Russian and Chinese troops are there to help the stall stick. The Syrian government continues to consolidate its grip despite Israeli missile attacks and further attacks by terrorists in the Idlib area on Syrian civilians. Iraqis may be close to demanding the exit of U.S. troops. Most in the U.S. Congress want to deny the U.S. further support for the Saudi war on Yemen, but Trump just foolishly vetoed the legislation while the best of the Democratic challengers for the 2020 election for POTUS are pushing harder for a full stop end to the foreign wars.

 The most notable among them is the eloquent and attractive Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii whose consistency and vision is attracting more and more fans. She has the makings of the best possible female candidate ever to campaign to occupy the White House. But no question Trump has gotten a boost in the popularity polls by his apparent exoneration from conspiring with the Russians in the 2016 election where he did not even win a plurality of the popular vote.

The long running and absurd “War on Terror” since the turn of the century, it is clear, is in effect a war on Muslim countries that have foreign policies independent of Washington and especially the Zionists, with other targets like Venezuela under Maduro. The world knows, at least, who the real “terrorists” are. Iranians need to know this latter fact whether anything can be done about it immediately. There are some scattered positives appearing:

Executives at the IMF, for example, have allegedly voted NOT to recognize puppet Juan Guaido as president of Venezuela, realizing it may not be wise to condemn themselves to dealing with a bloc that lacks any sovereign authority. Jimmy Carter, the last U.S. President who could possibly claim to be attempting to adhere to moral principles was preaching in his hometown church in Georgia last Sunday pointing out that the U.S. in its 240 plus years has only been at peace for 16 years, making the U.S. “the most warlike nation in world history”.

 He went on to point out that China has been at war with no one for decades and enjoyed enormous economic benefits, including a growing infrastructure second to none, while the U.S. has spent itself towards moral and financial bankruptcy. Trump’s MAGA plan: a very sick joke.

Perhaps best of all, some observers have noted that Trump’s foreign policy advisors, notably John Bolton, whose prescriptions for decades have been disastrous for the U.S., ought to be fired immediately. Most of these advisors like Bolton have been shills for the Zionists and pushed Trump to make his number one foreign priority support for the Zionists, who by the day are more reviled than ever worldwide. But just as some Democrat presidential hopefuls have vowed, if elected, to push the U.S. to rejoin the JCPOA, the Zionists are pushing for attacks on Iran’s nuclear facilities claiming that such would not lead to a wider war in the Mideast.

 This latter is a complete lie, as Iranians well and rightfully know. Israel has been and remains the most self-serving, and corrupted country for over seven decades, and their traitorous U.S. servants, like Bolton and other Neocons, MUST be derailed somehow. 


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