Iran’s Cinema Verite director attends Kazan film festival

April 24, 2019 - 19:24

TEHRAN – The director of Cinema Verite, Iran’s major international festival of documentary films, Mohammad–Mehdi Tabatabainejad, is in Kazan to take part in the world festival directors’ meeting, Iran’s Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC) announced on Wednesday.

Tabatabainejad is also the director of the DEFC.

The meeting will be organized on the sidelines of the Kazan International Muslim Film Festival to exchange cultural and cinematic experiences between Kazan and the neighboring Muslim countries.

The motto of this year’s edition of the festival is “To the dialogue of cultures through the culture of dialogue.”

The festival, which opened on April 24 in the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, will be running until April 30.

Photo: Mohammad–Mehdi Tabatabainejad in an undated photo. 


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