Royal food supplier car goes on show in Tehran

April 30, 2019 - 12:18

TEHRAN – An electric vehicle, which was once supplying food to royal family of the last Shah of Iran, has been put on show at the Sa’dabad Cultural-Historical Complex in northern Tehran.

“On Sunday, a special carriage that used to carry food from a royal kitchen to the [currently known] Mellat Palace Museum [which was once a residence of royal family] went on show for the first time since 40 years ago [when the monarchy fell],” IRNA reported.

The abandoned vehicle was found in a stock where other royal objects and means of transportation were being kept. Later, it underwent a restoring mission under the supervision of a classic cars expert, the report said.

Iran tourism body registered over half a million visits to Sa’dabad’s various museums during the New Year (Noruz) holidays (March 21-April 5), with Mellat Palace Museum, the museum of royal vehicles, the Green Palace, and a museum dedicated to majestic clothing receiving topmost visitors during the period.

Sprawled on about 110 hectares of a mountainside parkland, the Sa’dabad complex was once a royal summer residence during Qajar era (1789–1925) and its subsequent Pahlavi epoch (1925–1979).


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