Water level in dams steadily rising due to heavy rainfalls

May 1, 2019 - 22:1

TEHRAN – The water level in dams is rising steadily following heavy rainfalls in most provinces across the country, as water behind dams has increased by 63 percent until April 30 compared to the same time last year, ISNA reported on Tuesday.

According to the Ministry of Energy, the country received 314 millimeters of rain since the current water year (starting on September 23, 2018), which raised 161 percent compared to that of last year amounting to 120 millimeters.

Recent above normal rainfall resulted in a water year with highest precipitation rate in the past half-century, as all provinces exceeded their long-term means reported since the past 50 years, the report added.

Since the beginning of the current water year, 56.64 billion cubic meter of water entered the dams, which demonstrates 289 percent increase compared to the last year’s amount of 14.56 billion cubic meter.

Among 178 major dams in different provinces, 77 are filled with water by 90-100 percent, which constitute 54 percent of the total capacity of the country’s dams.

Since the aforesaid period, 34 billion cubic meters of water flowed in Khuzestan dams which are filled by 95 percent, while last year the province’s dams received only 6 billion cubic meters.

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