‘Wetland restoration budget must be spent on increasing vegetation cover’

May 7, 2019 - 22:36

TEHRAN – After flood filled the dams and water resources in the country, some claimed that the budget for conservation of wetlands and reforestation must be cut, while it must be earmarked to restore vegetation cover in forests and rangelands, deputy chief for natural environment and biodiversity directorate at the Department of Environment has stated.

Floods carrying large amounts of sediments have left severe mud behind in different parts of the provinces, which will turn into new sand and dust storm (SDS) hotspots after being dried, Hamid Zohrabi warned.

So, to fight dust generation, we must expand vegetation cover in those areas, he said, suggesting, the budget supposed to revive the wetlands and forests must go to cultivation of plants in areas prone to SDSs.

Moisturized soil, water resources good condition, and the accumulation of mud and sediment caused by flooding, help to implement vegetation and rangeland restoration plans at a much lower cost, he highlighted.

He went on to note that instead of slashing water resources revival funds following flooding, we should take the opportunity to make the most of the damage, compensating for the damages at the lowest cost, such as vegetation enhancement.

Measures such as mulching, planting seedlings, reducing grazing in rangelands, and securing the habitats with the participation of locals, are among immediate measures to combat desertification, he concluded.


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