South Pars phases 4, 5 go through overhaul operations

May 8, 2019 - 17:12

TEHRAN - The overhaul operations of the phases 4 and 5 of the giant South Pars gas filed (which Iran shares with Qatar in the Persian Gulf) has finished and the mentioned phases are operating at their optimum level, Tasnim news agency reported on Wednesday, quoting a refinery official.

According to Mohammad-Shafi Moazeni, director of the 3rd South Pars Refinery which receives natural gas from phases 4 and 5, with new sour gas pipelines from phase 7, 8 and 9 being connected to the third refinery, the refinery’s sweet gas output has increased by five percent.
Earlier in April, Hadi Hashemzadeh Farhang, the managing director of South Pars Gas Company (SPGC), said the output of South Pars gas refineries is going to increase by over seven billion cubic meters (bcm) by cutting their overhauling period.
According to the official, every year during the first six months of the Iranian calendar year (started on March 21) the refineries of the giant South Pars field go through renovation and overhauling and consequently the output falls accordingly.
“This period was 201 days last year, which is scheduled to be 174 days this year. This means an increase of 7.4 billion cubic meters in the complexes’ refining capacity.”
South Pars is the world’s largest gas field shared between Iran and Qatar. Iran is developing the mega project in 24 phases. It reportedly provides more than two-thirds of the country's natural gas.
South Pars holds an estimated 40 trillion cubic meters of natural gas, or roughly 8% of the world’s reserves and approximately 18 billion barrels of condensates. It adjoins Qatar’s North Field that spans over 6,000 square kilometers.

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