China will not yield to extreme pressure of any kind

May 14, 2019

People's Daily -The 11th round of China-US trade talks were held on May 9 and 10 with extreme difficulty and sensitivity. The two sides have made substantial progress on several issues including enhancing intellectual property protection, broadening market access, improving the bilateral trade balance, but no agreement on China's core concerns has been reached. 

After Washington announced to impose a 25 percent tariff on Chinese imports, in response, China made clear that necessary countermeasures will be taken.

China has always promoted trade negotiations with the US with highly responsible attitudes and utmost sincerity. But China will never yield to the US' extreme pressure and will never compromise on issues concerning the country's principles.

The US' excuse for creating trade conflicts is to pursue fair trade. However, Washington has ignored the fact that the fair trade has to work both ways. There will be no fairness without a win-win outcome. The US choice of putting extreme pressure on China will ultimately lead to missed opportunities for solving problems.

Washington's risky decisions have sparked intense opposition inside the US. There was widespread opposition, saying that such practices will disrupt markets, hurt people's interests, and bring an economic shock to the country. Criticisms of Washington's recklessness also ran through the international society.

China has made a resolute stand against the tariffs imposed by the US but is well-prepared for other potential outcomes. China's calm and rational approach has attracted the world's attention, which shows the country's ample confidence in its economy.

With trade partners all over the world, China is speeding the pace of transforming itself from a big trading power to a strong one. China-US trade disputes cannot stop China's development.

Of course, the window of hope for better China-US trade ties has not been and will not be shut. The two sides agreed to keep lines of communication open, in accordance with the will of the two peoples.

Over the past year, the progress and setbacks of China-US trade talks have triggered new reflections on bilateral relations. Looking at the overall picture of China-US ties, we can still see hope through the clouds.

Cooperation is the only correct choice. The establishment of China-US diplomatic ties 40 years ago have proved that China-US cooperation is an irresistible trend. Safeguarding bilateral relations is beneficial to China, to the US, and to the whole world. 

Economic and trade relations are the ballast and propellers of China-US ties. This is an objective fact that cannot be subverted. The trade talks serve as the historical mission of promoting a new China-US economic and trade order, which is balanced, inclusive and win-win. 

For the two peoples' well-being and the two countries' long-term development, both sides should bear the responsibility and obligation to take the trade talks seriously. The two countries should manage differences with mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, and seek solutions acceptable to both sides. In particular, the US has to follow the trend and work in tandem with China to solve problems through consultations as equals and create a future with win-win outcomes.

This is an editorial of the People's Daily on Saturday.

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