Iran urges intl. community to prevent crimes against Yemenis

May 17, 2019 - 23:43

TEHRAN - Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi has urged the international community to fulfil its duty and prevent crimes against the Yemenis.

His comments came as the Saudi-led coalition carried out airstrike on residential areas in Sanaa, Yemen and killed at least 6 people.

Mousavi strongly condemned the attack and said those who provide the Saudi-led coalition with arms and weapon should be held accountable.

Saudi-led fighter jets pounded various parts of the capital on Thursday, killing at least six civilians, four of whom were children from one family, and wounding dozens more, Press TV reported.

Medical officials said the death toll could rise due to the intensity of the strikes and the number of those who have been seriously injured. They added that there could be other civilians, dead or wounded, under the rubble.

The Saudi-led coalition, backed by the U.S., started the war on Yemen in March 2015 with the aim of reinstating ousted president Mansour Hadi. The war has led to famine and spread of cholera in the poor country. The UN is calling it “the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.”

In April 2015, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif submitted a letter to then UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon outlining a four-point peace plan for Yemen.

The plan called for an immediate ceasefire and end of all foreign military attacks, humanitarian assistance, a resumption of broad national dialogue and “establishment of an inclusive national unity government.”

“It is imperative for the international community to get more effectively involved in ending the senseless aerial attacks and establishing a ceasefire, ensuring delivery of humanitarian and medical assistance to the people of Yemen and restoring peace and stability to this country through dialogue and national reconciliation without pre-conditions,” said Zarif’s letter.


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