By Sadeq Aliyu

Buhari invited Netanyahu as IMN Members pressure at Juma'at mosque

May 27, 2019 - 12:16

ABUJA/ NIGERIA - President Muhammad Buhari has sent a letter inviting Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel to Nigeria, few days after returning from Saudi Arabia, as on Friday 24/05/2019 he was pressured to free sheikh Zakzaky by thousands of members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria in the national mosque Abuja.

The authorization of this was proclaimed recently for him to attend Nigeria’s Democracy Day celebrations coming up on June 12. Benjamin Netanyahu is alleged to have participated in international war criminal and mass murder of Palestinian women and children and was said to be the first to recognize and cheer the murderous and nefarious Zaria massacre. He was also alleged to have cooperated with the Saudi Arabian monarch to call Buhari hours into the Zaria carnage to congratulate him in what he claimed was a noteworthy feat in the war against humanity.

There has also been claims that the fight against the Islamic Movement and Sheikh Zakzaky is being implemented as a proxy war for Israel, and bankrolled by Saudi Arabia. Islamic movement also claim that Buhari is also alleged to have gone to Saudi Arabia to get further instructions on how to accomplish the assignment given to him, and he in return is inviting their grand godfather to come and supervise how it would be proficient accomplished, which was why El-Rufai and Chief of Army Staff Buratai were equally summoned in Saudi Arabia too at the same time.

The Islamic Movement however assures “all the evil plotters within and outside that should Netanyahu decide to honor the invitation, he will be welcomed by persistence and steadfastness of the Islamic Movement members”.

While on Friday 24/05/2019 The Shi’ites members stormed the National Mosque, Abuja, to demand the freedom of Sheik Ibrahim Zakzaky and wife, Malama Zeenah Zakzaky. While President Muhammad Buhari came to the mosque to exercise his Juma’at prayer when the thousands of youths moved in.

They were, however, blocked from entering the mosque by Police and Soldiers protecting the President. Buhari was smuggled out from the mosque by heavily armed military men, while Engineer Abdullahi Muhammad Musa of the Academic Forum of Islamic Movement Speaking at the front of the National Mosque, saying the youths would continue to protest until sheikh Zakzaky is released.

 “We are still here and if you like, you can come and kill us, we are ready to die. We have been killed, we have been oppressed and we have every right to challenge the oppressors. We know every one of the Army that came to kill our people. There must be a day that you will face the consequences of innocent people in Nigeria,” he stated.

The free Zakzaky’s protest storming most of cities in Nigeria day and night these days, like Kano state and Kaduna state, as International Qods day is coming soon. 

Sheikh Zakzay has been in the detention of the Department of State Services for almost four years after the military stormed his hometown in Zaria city Kaduna, killed hundreds of his supporters including his 3 children and burned his Sister Alive. Although the Supreme Court instructed and ordered government to release him without any condition.

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