IRIB dismisses managers for program insulting Sunni personalities

May 27, 2019

TEHRAN – The manager of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting’s Channel 5, Javad Ramezannejad, and a program manager have been dismissed over a live broadcast of a celebration, during which a eulogist cursed a number of the early Islam personalities who are respected in Sunni Islam.

The dismissals were announced by IRIB deputy director Morteza Mirbaqeri on Sunday after he received a letter from IRIB Managing Director Abdol Ali Aliasgari.  

“Due to the disparagement in the live broadcast that hurt Sunni brothers, sisters and ulema, the manager of the channel and broadcast manager must be fired,” Abdol Ali Aliasgari wrote in the letter to his assistant.

During the live program broadcast from Channel 5 last week to celebrate the birthday of Imam Hassan (AS), the second Shia imam, eulogist Ahad Qadami cursed three of the Rashidun caliphs and Aisha, daughter of Caliph Abi Bakr.

The decision to fire the IRIB managers was made after the live broadcast provoked a storm of strong criticism against the IRIB program from a number of Sunni MPs in the Majlis.

In a statement published prior to the decision, IRIB condemned Qadami’s remarks and apologized to Sunnis for the comments. 

Qadami also appeared in a Tehran court last week following a summons from the public prosecutor to explain about the issue.  

Photo: A logo for the IRIB Live TV.

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