Sports unite Iranian people: Hassan Rouhani

June 2, 2019

Stating that athletes bring pride and liveliness to the country alongside medals, President Hassan Rouhani stressed that the arena of sport must be the arena of unity in the entire Iran and the entire nation need to be united in sports and not let competitions bring about division.

Speaking on Saturday evening in a cordial meeting with athletes, the President said, “Paralyzed athletes bring us a lot of national pride and are the symbol of the victory of will power”.

“Sport means that people’s voice, from Maku to Chabahar, and from Sarakhs to Khorramshahr, must be united,” he continued.

Rouhani added, “We have to rely on whatever strengthens hope, spirits and will power in people. If we stand up to the United States with hope, we will win the war”.

Stating that sport can bring health to the young generation, he said that the arena of sports has to be the arena of unity and solidarity, calling on all related authorities not to let divisions enter competitions.

He went on to refer to paralyzed athletes and their hard work, saying, “They can create whatever they want through their will power and practice, not only for themselves and their family, but also for the entire nation”.

“We will be victorious in the arena of competition and resistance against enemies through unity and solidarity,” added the President.


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