Iran elected as vice-president of PIANC’s marine engineering committee

June 17, 2019 - 15:37

TEHRAN – The chairman of the board of Iranian Coastal and Marine Structural Engineering Association (ICOMSEA) Babak Bani-Jamali has been selected as the new vice-president of the marine engineering committee of the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure (known as PIANC).

As reported by Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO), the decision was made in the 2019 Annual General Assembly of PIANC which was held in Japanese city of Kobe during June 3-7.

The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure is an international professional organization founded in 1885. 

PIANC’s mission is to provide expert guidance and technical advice on technical, economic and environmental issues pertaining to waterborne transport infrastructure, including the fields of navigable bodies of water (waterways), such as canals and rivers, as well as ports and marinas. 

The governing body in the organization is the Annual General Assembly, which is composed of delegations from the member countries.


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